AAIC 2018 News Highlights




Trial of New Alzheimer’s Drug Shows Promising Results
- The Washington Post

New Alzheimer's Drug May Slow Decline, Researchers Report
- NBC News

Experimental Alzheimer's Drug Stirs Hope After Early Trials

Ultrasound Jiggles Open Brain Barrier, A Step to Better Care
- The Associated Press

A Healthier Heart May Mean a Healthier Mind, New Study Shows
- The Washington Post

'Z' Drugs Significantly Boost in Fracture Risk in Dementia Patients
- Medscape

A Gut—and Liver—Check to Get a Bead on Alzheimer’s
- Scientific American

Hopes Rise Again for a Drug to Slow Alzheimer's Disease
- The Associated Press

New Alzheimer's Drug Shows Big Promise in Early Trial Results
- The New York Times

New Blood Pressure Targets Could Cut Dementia Risk
- The Telegraph

Aggressive Blood Pressure Treatment Reduces Cognitive Risk, Study Says
- The Wall Street Journal

Lowering Blood Pressure Cut Risk of Memory Decline: U.S. Study
- Reuters

Study: Lowering Blood Pressure Helps Prevent Mental Decline
- The Associated Press

Lowering Your Blood Pressure Could Stave Off Dementia
- Bloomberg


Researchers Find Alzheimer's Threat Never Diminishes; Average Survival Confirmed 6 Years
- McKnight's

Subdued Lighting in Care Homes Causes Insomnia in Alzheimer's Patients, Claims Study
- Daily Mail

Synthetic Marijuana and Brighter Lights Could Improve the Lives of People with Dementia, New Research Shows
- The Washington Post

Alzheimer's Tests May Miss Women, Overdiagnose Men
- WebMD


How Pregnancy and Childbirth May Protect Some Women From Developing Dementia
- Los Angeles Times

What Being a Woman Means for Your Dementia Risk

Women's Alzheimer's Test Needed as Superior Verbal Skills Mask Onset of the Disease
- The Telegraph

Schützen Schwangerschaften vor Demenz?
- Spektrum.de

Why Alzheimer's May Be Tougher to Spot in Women
- HealthDay

Women Bear Alzheimer's Burden; Researchers Are Trying to Discover Why

Hormone Levels Likely Influence A Woman's Risk of Alzheimer's. But Exactly How?


Life Is Short No Matter Your Dementia Age
- HealthDay

Alzheimer's Guidelines for Primary Care Announced
- MedPage Today

More Than Senior Moments: Better Dementia Detection Is Urged
- AP News

How Common Is Dementia Among LGBT Seniors?
- HealthDay

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