Alzheimer’s Association International Conference | July 28 – Aug. 1, 2024 | Philadelphia, USA, and Online

Emerging Concepts in Basic Science

In 2016, the AAIC Scientific Program Committee introduced the Emerging Concepts series, an innovative aspect of the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference program designed specifically for basic dementia science.

This series will be a can’t-miss aspect of AAIC 2024.

The Causes and Consequences of Tau Aggregation in Tauopathies

Chaired by Bradley Hyman and Maria Grazia Spillantini

  • Tau Post-Translational Modifications
    Presented by Judith Steen
  • Tau Different Conformers; Seeds — How Do the First Ones Arise?
    Presented by Sofia Lövestam
  • Neuroprotection; Early-Tau Aggregates vs. Neurotoxicity; Secreted Tau
    Presented by Virginia Man-Yee Lee
  • Synaptic Tau: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    Presented by Li Gan

Immune Cells Diversity and Their Role in Cognition and Dementia

Chaired by David Holtzman and Diego Gomez-Nicola

  • Deep Spatial Phenotyping of Microglial Populations and Pathological Features in Alzheimer’s Disease Brains
    Presented by Bahareh Ajami
  • Diversity and Function of Brain Macrophages in Alzheimer’s Disease
    Presented by Kiavash Movahedi
  • APOE3 Christchurch Influences Amyloid Induced Tau Seeding and Spreading Via Effects on Microglia
    Presented by Yun Chen
  • Role of the C-Gas/Sting Pathway in Tauopathy
    Presented by Sadaf Amin

Spatial Biology in Neurodegenerative Proteinopathies: Uncovering Resilience vs. Vulnerability

Chaired by Bart DeStrooper and Lea T. Grinberg

  • Charting New Paths: The Role of Spatial Omics in Advancing Neurodegenerative Disease Research
    Presented by Rebecca Hodge
  • Pathological and Resilient Alzheimer’s Disease Cell Niches in Octogenarians and Centenarians
    Presented by Wei-Ting Chen
  • Deciphering Brain Circuit Susceptibility in Human Alzheimer's Disease: Unveiling the Role of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms Through Spatial-Omics
    Presented by Lea T. Grinberg
  • Illuminating Alzheimer's Pathways: The Impact of Spatial Omics in Decoding Brain Changes
    Presented by Yanling Wang


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