Alzheimer’s Association International Conference | July 28 – Aug. 1, 2024 | Philadelphia, USA, and Online

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Get the latest information on the groundbreaking research and prestigious awards presented at AAIC.

The Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) is the largest and most influential international meeting dedicated to advancing dementia science.

News media and documentary film crews who are interested in covering AAIC 2024 and receiving embargoed news materials must submit a request for press credentials. Media registration opens in March.

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AAIC News Media Contacts

Alzheimer's Association® Public Relations Department
Phone: +1.312.335.4078


Maria C. Carrillo, Ph.D.
Chief Science Officer, Alzheimer's Association

Rebecca M. Edelmayer, Ph.D.
Senior Director of Scientific Engagement, Alzheimer's Association

Claire Sexton, DPhil
Senior Director of Scientific Programs & Outreach, Alzheimer’s Association

Heather M. Snyder, Ph.D.
Vice President of Medical & Scientific Relations, Alzheimer's Association

Christopher Weber, Ph.D.
Director of Global Science Initiatives, Alzheimer’s Association

News Embargo Policy

All materials presented at AAIC are embargoed for publication and broadcast until the date and time of presentation at the conference, or an embargo date and time specified by the Alzheimer’s Association. Please contact the Alzheimer’s Association Public Relations Department at with any questions.

For Presentations Included in the AAIC News Program

The news embargo for abstracts and scientific presentations in the AAIC news program will be listed on the news release and/or story pitch materials that include that abstract/presentation. The embargo time/date must be honored regardless of the time of presentation at AAIC.

For All Other Presentations

Materials presented at AAIC are embargoed for publication, posting and broadcast until the officially scheduled release at AAIC, unless the Alzheimer's Association provides written notice or permission in advance.

All news media representatives, scientists, funders of science presented at AAIC and AAIC exhibitors/sponsors agree to be bound by the AAIC news embargoes laid out in this policy, in addition to release times stated on news releases and other news materials issued by the Alzheimer’s Association and AAIC.

Embargoed AAIC news materials are intended specifically for each journalist’s individual use and are not to be shared in any manner with anyone until the news embargo date/time has passed. By accepting embargoed AAIC news materials, journalists acknowledge that the materials are solely for their use and that they will not distribute, publish, broadcast or in any other way share them before the news embargo time has passed.

If a reporter or news media outlet breaks an AAIC news embargo, the Alzheimer’s Association reserves the right to revoke their press access and credentials for the current event and future Alzheimer’s Association conferences and events.

Photo/Video/Audio Recording Policy

Because of the proprietary nature of data and the reporting of preliminary, unpublished research, any photography, filming, screen capture, taping, recording or reproduction in any medium of any of the programs, talks or data/posters/slides presented at AAIC is prohibited, unless the presenting author grants explicit permission or there is demonstrated prior consent. If a speaker indicates that they are open to photography or recording, please use common courtesy and do not be disruptive or distracting, either to the speaker or fellow audience members.

Similarly, the subsequent dissemination of any photo/image, film/video, screen capture, audio, or other recording in any medium of any of the programs, talks or data/posters/slides presented at AAIC is prohibited, unless the presenting author grants explicit permission or there is demonstrated prior consent.

Sharing your experience on social media is encouraged to add to the discussion and excitement of AAIC, as long as it complies with AAIC recording, embargo and confidentiality rules. Sharing images on social media that contain discernable research data (i.e., image of a poster or slide) is prohibited, unless explicit verbal or written permission is granted by the presenter of that research.

Violation of the above restrictions may result in appropriate penalties, including removal from AAIC and denial of entry to future AAICs and future Alzheimer’s Association conferences and events.

Please direct questions regarding this policy to

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