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Abstract submission is now closed. Submissions for Developing Topics will be accepted April 11-25.

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General Questions

What is the age requirement for presenting authors?

Presenting authors must be 18 years of age at the time of the conference (July 31, 2022).

What are the themes and topics for AAIC and AIC Alzheimer’s Imaging Consortium (AIC)?

If my abstract is chosen, do I pay for registration?

Conference registration is not mandatory in order to submit an abstract. However, it is a requirement that all presenting authors register in time for the conference. Registration will open in February 2022.

When will I be notified if my abstract has been accepted?

Notifications of acceptance/denial of abstract submissions will be sent to presenting authors by mid-April 2022.

How can I locate an abstract from a previous AAIC or Alzheimer’s Imaging Consortium (AIC)?

Abstracts are published in an online supplement to Alzheimer's & Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer's Association. View the abstract archive.

When will accepted abstracts be posted online?

The abstracts will be available online — to registered AAIC attendees only — approximately one month prior to the conference.

Is there a limit on how many oral presentations an author can present?

What if my research is not complete by the abstract submission deadline?

AAIC accepts "late breaking" or "developing topic" abstract submissions in the spring. Only abstracts in which the research findings were not ready/complete/available to be submitted during our regular abstract submission deadline should be submitted via the Developing Topics submission process.

Note: Developing Topic abstracts will be considered for a poster presentation only unless the research is reviewed and considered to be late-breaking and extremely impactful.

If my abstract is not accepted as an oral presentation, is it likely it will be accepted as a poster presentation?

If your abstract is not chosen as an oral presentation, your abstract will be automatically considered for a poster presentation. However, do not submit the same abstract for the same conference as an oral and poster.


How should I format my abstract title?

The title must be written in sentence case, with only the first word and proper nouns starting with a capital letter. Do not capitalize articles (a, an, the); prepositions of three or fewer letters (for, of, on, up, etc.); and conjunctions of three or fewer letters (and, but, for, nor, or, so, yet, etc.) unless any of those start or end the title.

Authors are discouraged from putting the type and/or direction of results in the abstract title.

Can I include trade names in my abstract title?

Trade names cannot be mentioned in the title. However, trade names in brackets will be accepted in the body of the abstract.

Am I allowed to submit abstracts that have been previously presented?

All abstracts submitted to AAIC must be made up substantially of new findings, data or analyses. If you are interested in having the research you present at AAIC eligible for inclusion in AAIC news releases and news conferences, it must not be published (online or hard copy) or presented, in whole or in part, in any manner, prior to presentation at AAIC.

What is the policy regarding data uploaded to a preprint server?

Results that have been deposited to a preprint server are now eligible for abstract submission. However, please note that these submissions will be ineligible for the AAIC news program. If you indicate the data has been uploaded to a preprint server during Step 1 of the submission process, you will be asked to provide a link to the manuscript.

Will an abstract submitted as part of a Featured Research Session (FRS) be considered for an oral or poster presentation if the FRS is not selected?

Yes, non-accepted FRS abstracts that receive an appropriate average review score will automatically be considered for an oral or poster presentation. There is no need to submit the abstract twice in this case.

Can I submit more than one abstract?

Yes. A person may submit more than one abstract. However, a person may present an abstract as the presenting author on only one podium presentation and posters slotted on different dates. Podium presentations include featured research, oral, symposium and plenary sessions. Please do not submit the same abstract for an oral and a poster presentation.

If I submit two abstracts should I just enter one as an "oral" presentation and the other as a "poster," or can I put them both in as "oral" and let the committee decide?

Please submit your preferred presentation preference. If your abstract is not accepted for an oral presentation, it may be offered a poster presentation if you’ve selected the option “Oral Presentation preferred, but will do Poster Presentation is so assigned” during the abstract submission (Step 1: Presentation Format).

Can I submit the same abstract to both the main conference and a preconference?

Yes, but the same submitted abstract can only be presented as an oral presentation at either AAIC or a preconference. The same abstract may be submitted and presented as a poster at both AAIC and a preconference.

Edits and Withdrawal

How do I make edits to an abstract in "submitted" status?

You may make edits to your submitted proposal through the submission deadline. Access your in-progress or submitted proposal through the abstract portal. It is your responsibility to confirm that your abstract is correctly submitted and is received by the submission deadline. Send an email to if changes are requested after the submission deadline. Changes are approved on a case-by-case basis.

If I need to retract my abstract submission, what is the deadline?

You can retract your abstract submission at any time. Depending on our publication deadlines, we may be unable to remove your abstract from print materials and publications. To retract an accepted abstract, you must email and confirm a response.

If my abstract is accepted, how do I make an author change or withdraw my abstract?

If the identified presenting author becomes unable to present, a co-author may present (as long as they are not scheduled to present in another oral presentation). Notification of the change must be submitted in writing to If none of the authors on the abstracts can present, a request must be submitted in writing to to withdraw the abstracts. Depending on our publication deadlines, we may be unable to remove your abstracts from print materials and publications.


Is there a limit on how many poster presentations an author can present?

There is no limit.

What are the poster specifications (physical board and virtual)?

Poster details will be provided in the spring.


Is it acceptable to submit an abstract that presents partial data from a manuscript submitted for publication?

No, it is not acceptable to submit partial data from a manuscript already submitted for publication AND published in any form before the AAIC news embargo date/time. It is acceptable only if the author(s) and journal guarantee in writing to AAIC that any publication would not occur until after the AAIC news embargo date/time. Moreover, abstracts must meet international ethical standards.

Will the submission of this abstract affect the publication of our manuscript?

No. These review processes are independent. The thresholds for acceptance between conference abstracts and journal manuscripts are very different.

I have never attended a conference where the abstracts are published in an online supplement to a journal. Does this ever pose a problem for authors with subsequent publication of the research as a full article in a peer-reviewed journal, since the research findings would technically already have been published in Alzheimer's & Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer's Association?

No. This does not pose a problem for authors. Academic literature has a clear distinction between conference abstracts and peer-reviewed papers.

Promotion and Ownership

Is advance promotion of general topics, speakers or presentation times permitted?

Public and news announcements made in advance of AAIC that a scientist or company is scheduled to make a presentation of AAIC may include the date, time, location and topic of presentation, but may not include the methods, results and/or the type or direction of results, even if that is included in the name/title of the submitted abstract. For that reason, authors are discouraged from putting the type and/or direction of results in the abstract title.

Does the Alzheimer's Association own accepted abstracts?

Accepted abstracts become the property of the Alzheimer's Association. Ownership of submitted abstracts not accepted for presentation reverts to the author.

If my abstract is accepted, will it be used by the Association for sales or marketing purposes?

If accepted for presentation, abstracts will be published in an online supplement to Alzheimer's & Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer's Association. Additionally, the Alzheimer's Association reserves the right to provide abstracts to conference registrants and the public via online modalities, a mobile application and any other modalities they wish. In those formats, the abstracts become the property of the Association, along with the PowerPoint slides or handout material. If the presenting author provides permission to record the oral presentation, then the recording with supporting handout material will be available for purchase.


How do I apply for an AAIC Travel Fellowship?

An individual may not receive a travel fellowship to an in-person conference two years in a row. Please do not submit an application if you received a full or partial travel fellowship to attend AAIC 2021.

A limited number of travel fellowships are available to AAIC presenting authors. AAIC Travel Fellowships are awarded in various packages that may include one, two or three of the following: complimentary AAIC registration, housing and/or airfare support. Learn more about how to apply for an AAIC Travel Fellowship.

How do I apply for an Alzheimer’s Imaging Consortium (AIC) Registration Fellowship?

A limited number of fellowships, in the form of complimentary AIC registration, are available for early career scientists who are the presenting author on an accepted abstract. Learn more about how to apply for an AIC Registration Fellowship.

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